Richard Smith

Take a look at Richard Smith’s progress with his hair transplant surgery.

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FUT * After 6 Months

I had my hair transplant April 2017. I first spoke with Mark on the phone and arranged a home consultation with Chris. Brilliant home consultation, loads of information and a really friendly guy. I booked my surgery within weeks.
I had my surgery at the sk:n clinic in Nottingham. Clean, friendly and my surgery day was just good fun. Great people and I felt right at home. I’ve had continuous phone calls and txt convocations with mark since my surgery and he has been on hand to guide me and reassure me through the “waiting” period of my hair transplant to start growing. The best thing I’ve ever done and could not be happier with the people I chose to do it through. And to top it off the price beat every other quote hands down.

I’ve got a nice little story for you,

Last week I went to meet a mate in Nottingham.

I rang him up and he said I’m in Tony & Guy having a haircut.. made my way there,not to him disturb I took a photo of him sitting in the chair then sent it him via WhatsApp to let him know I was there

Before I got there he’d been telling the stylist cutting his hair about my transplant, how successful it was etc.. when I arrived he pointed me out to thing I know I’ve got half a dozen Tony & Guy hairstylists (men and women) looking and examining my hair…saying stuff like ‘no way’ .. can’t believe it’s a transplant etc… 😀👌👌👌👌